Bring Your Numbers to Life with TulaBooks

Hi, I’m Laura!

Together, we’ll streamline your finances and HR to find balance and help you thrive in business again!

I’ve often joked that spreadsheets are my hobby. Something about having my thoughts in an organized fashion just allows me to flourish, taking the complex, muddy ideas in my head and creating order.

In addition to my passion for numbers, I am an empathetic person, who can easily step into someone’s shoes to feel what they are going through. I like to think of myself as an accountant with heart. Mindfully merging numbers with soul. I highly value personal connections with my clients because it allows me to provide the most personalized level of service.

When I work with you, I learn everything about your business so I can act as you would in business and make recommendations that actually work for you.

See what's possible for your business with personalized support that assigns meaning to the numbers.

I’m a proactive member of your team, tidying up your finances and making space for your business to grow - not just a number cruncher.


The History of TulaBooks

I worked full-time in the Accounting/Finance/HR space for nearly 15 years. During that time, I helped five vibrant, growing companies work through first-time and subsequent financial audits, financial and HR system implementations, budgeting and planning processing, due diligence during a company acquisition, financial modeling, and analysis to name a few.

All the while, TulaBooks was percolating. I knew I could take the skills learned over the last 15 years and apply them to many different companies to help them grow their business.

Now, I use my love of automating, creating systems and processes and organizing to help business owners across multiple industries find their own balance.

I’m always looking for ways to shake up how you do things.

Streamline and modernize your back office so you can get back to what truly drives you.

Let's use meaningful numbers to see what's possible for your business. I'll show you how.