How Can I Help You?

Here are a few often-asked questions. I strive to merge mindfulness with information, so if you have a question that you don’t see answered here, just ask. I want to make sure you get all the information you need to help you out!

Why should I consider outsourcing my accounting work?

It’s possible you don’t want someone to see the mess of your numbers. You may even be embarrassed to let someone know what you’re earning and how much you spend on coffee each month. So, you could be hesitant to let someone into the back end of your business.There is no judgement here! Just let me into the mess and I’ll help you clean it up - you don’t have to do anything. By outsourcing your accounting work, I can save you crucial time that takes you away from working in your business. It will take you out of the weeds and back to the heart of your business again.

What makes TulaBooks different from other accounting providers?

I see the world in a logical way. I am very black-and-white. However, I also believe in creating deep relationships and really knowing my clients. I can really feel what someone is going through and can lend a shoulder to cry on, and occasionally provide some wisdom. When you work with TulaBooks, you’ll get an accountant with heart. I bridge the gap between human needs and numbers. That way, you get to know what the numbers mean for your business and you can make decisions based on values, not statistics. I truly care about you and your business. I will help you find fresh, modern solutions that are unique to your business and make the most impact. I strive to become a trusted partner in your business that will help your business fully thrive.

Do I have to meet in-person to outsource my accounting to you?

No! I can do all work remotely, although I always love meeting my clients for coffee just to connect!

How frequently will you work on my accounting, financial, and/or HR needs?

That depends a lot on what duties you are looking for me to fill. If you need someone to run your accounting and financial function from soup to nuts, I will be working in your business most days out of the week and will be in regular communication with you. If you are in need of a quarterly “check-up” of your financial work, I may only dedicate a couple days a month to reviewing and evaluating your books. The bottom line is, I can be flexible with your needs, so let’s chat about it!

How much do you charge for your services?

Every business I work with is unique. That’s what makes us all human! I offer a variety of services, from ongoing accounting work to focused projects, to provide various levels of support. Because of that, I will create a custom package built for your business and your needs. Let’s talk!

I’m using __ system. Can you work in that?

I work with all major accounting packages, as long as there is the ability to connect to it remotely. An on-demand web-based system is preferred, but I may be able to work with you if you use an on-site hosted solution (for example, QuickBooks Desktop hosted on a shared server). I also have worked with many HR platforms as well as integrated tools to assist with accounting and finance automation. If you need a recommendation on a piece of software, chances are I have some knowledge of what you may be looking for and can help guide you through the decision-making process!

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