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Project-Based Accounting and HR Services

Do you have a complex accounting or HR project that you simply don’t have the bandwidth (or the interest) to complete yourself?


Or maybe you need to temporarily augment your current staff to help with a short-term (but big) financial undertaking?


Refresh your systems, gain insight and information, and modernize the way you work with finances and HR with plug-and-play, project-based services from TulaBooks. 


They’ll be taken care of (and done the right way), then turned over to you completely finalized so you don’t have to worry.


The biggest result [from working with Laura] is that we successfully completed the sale of the company.  That was hugely important to all of the shareholders and employees, and it wouldn’t have happened without [her] incredibly hard work.


Whether you want to attract a buyer, gain investment capital, or meet your next-level target, you need to understand the numbers of your business and how to use the rich information that can be gained from them. I’ll show you what’s possible for your business and help you create a plan to go from where you are now to where you want to be.

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Untangle the mess and learn what the numbers mean in relation to your business goals. That way, you can set objectives that are feasible to accomplish and have a model to show you how to do it.

Some Examples of Focused Projects Include:


  • Comprehensive review of financial reporting and metrics

  • Preparation of multi-year financial budget/forecast

  • Assisting with annual financial audits

  • Financial analysis and modeling for fundraising, merger and acquisition activities and Board of Directors meetings

  • Sales tax planning

  • Creation of Employee Handbook and other HR policies/programs

  • Comprehensive review and implementation of employee benefits plans


If you don’t see your project listed above, let’s chat! Packages are totally custom to you and your unique needs. I’d love to talk about which projects I can take on for you!


Need to streamline your financial and HR systems?

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