Accountant in Your Back Pocket

Image by Beatriz Pérez Moya

You don’t take a multivitamin every day because you feel different, you take it daily because you know it’s good for you. Then, over time, you start to realize the significant impact it has all-inclusively on your health.


Working with a Virtual Accountant in an ongoing capacity is the same thing.


You don’t realize I’m there, but I am working in the background to ensure your company is strong, healthy, and proactively taken care of.


My white-glove, ongoing accounting, and bookkeeping services is like having an in-house CFO - except I make my daily cold brew in my own kitchen.

[Laura is] continuously looking for new tools for us to increase our efficiency. Payroll, time tracking, etc.  All of these solutions allow us to continuously focus on our clients as our primary objective.


I’m not that old-fashioned, straight-laced accountant you see once a year when it’s time to do your taxes. I’m a modern numbers gal who will automate your systems to deliver you a solution that works.


As your dedicated and trusted advisor, I take on the complex task of accounting and HR in real-time so you can stop worrying that you’re “doing it right” and get back to what you truly love doing.

Ongoing Virtual Accounting Services May Include:

  • Complete bookkeeping and accounting operations

  • Back office customer billing and collections efforts

  • Cash management

  • Expense management and workflow

  • Regular reconciliation of all major accounts

  • Preparation of regular financial statements and reports that provide meaningful data on your business operations

  • Streamlined HR functions like payroll management, benefits administration, policy design and implementation, etc


Packages are totally custom to you and your unique needs. Let’s talk about offloading stressful financial and HR tasks to someone who loves (and is really good at) handling them for you!


Need someone to help you make sense of the numbers and guide you in your decision making?