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Financial Expertise at Your Fingertips


Do you have all your bookkeeping entries accounted for every month, but you’re still having trouble deciphering what the numbers mean for you and your unique business?


Or maybe you need a second set of eyes on your books to help spot trends and to guide you to make better business decisions in real time?


Elevate your financials and HR with tailored Virtual CFO services from TulaBooks.


I will act as your trusted business partner and can help bring a level of financial expertise to your business without the hassle and investment of hiring a full-time CFO.

Laura is willing to challenge some of our business opportunities from a strategic perspective.  As such she has become more of a business advisor, one we trust implicitly.


In my 15 years of experience, I have worked through a myriad of financial and HR conundrums across multiple industries. At TulaBooks, I leverage that expertise to help you get a better handle on where you’ve been and where you’re heading from a financial and HR perspective.


By partnering with me for ongoing Virtual CFO services, we will go beyond bookkeeping to give meaning to your numbers so you can make better decisions in real time.

Ongoing Virtual CFO Services May Include:

  • In-depth financial reviews of revenue trends, profit margins and expenses

  • Creation and tracking of metrics for your unique business

  • Cash flow modeling and forecasting

  • Budget vs actual analysis

  • Regular assessment of HR programs and policies

  • Availability for ad-hoc analyses and questions


Packages are totally custom to you and your unique needs. Let’s talk about the financial and HR expertise that would be most valuable to you in your business.


Need someone to come in for a shorter period of time to help you gain insight and support?

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